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Psychosocial and legal support

Niñas without Fear aims to be a catalyst within the community of Soacha for cases of child and adolescent sexual violence as the first instance to stabilize cases and refer them to the corresponding entities. We intend to achieve a substantial change in the reality of each of the girls that brings a particular case in psycho-emotional and legal terms.

Why do it?

It is important for girls and adolescents in their process of elaboration of the violent act, in Soacha especially in the commune 4 there is no comprehensive professional help for these cases. That is why we believe it is indispensable.

  1. Establish care routes in competent psychosocial cases to the foundation.
  2. Consolidate a team (professionals with interns) trained to be able to provide the relevant attention to the case.
  3. Achieve consolidated alliances with the governmental entities in charge of giving legal attention to the cases.
  4. Create action protocols for complaints and their follow-up, to act as a guide for the foundation: the legal team, girls, adolescents and families.

Custom support for cases of sexual violence in girls and adolescents

When a girl enters the Girls Without Fear program, she is authorized by her parents to make a psychological assessment that allows us to detect problems and situations of risk and then make a quality intervention, thus generating an impact on the academic performance of the girls. Relationship with their parents and the relationship with their social environment.