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Education and bicycle

Educación y bicicleta en la fundación Niñas Sin Miedo

We work to promote human rights with emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW and education for sexuality.


Bicycle program

Girls Without Fear foundation assumes in 2016 the challenge of implementing the project “Girls without Fear in bicycle” – Sports for Development “, whose objective is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Objectives and in particular to objective number 5, which seeks the Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Girls without Fear program uses bicycle and education as a tool with the aim of “Strengthening skills, building knowledge and transforming attitudes that make girls eradicate violence and poverty.”


Why the bicycle?

  1. Promotes leadership and teamwork.
  2. Allows girls and adolescents to take control over their own lives.
  3. Develop life skills.
  4. Helps to break the cycle of intergenerational reproduction of poverty and violence.
  5. Strengthens human development, improving the overall health and well-being of girls through sports opportunities and recreational activities.
  6. Promotes social development, promoting integration, gender equity, inclusion, tolerance, social cohesion and the practice of values.
  7. Empowering critical thinking autonomy and empathy, fostering peace and coexistence.


Bike trips

Cycling trips are conducted by a group of girls who have advanced cycling skills. It is a recreational activity with the purpose of:

  • Development of leadership skills and teamwork.
  • Create a better knowledge of the public space.


Bike School

The bicycle school is a space where we learn to not only girls to ride a bicycle, but also to increase their sense of security and potential. During each session of bikes we reinforce the topics that we also address in the workshops:

  • Self esteem
  • Security
  • Self care
  • Appreciate the body


Programa educación

We developed an educational cycle through workshops and groups of conversation with the girls with the purpose of:

  • Improve your awareness about perception and self-appreciation.
  • Improve their understanding and practical use of their role as agents of change in society.
  • Establish and strengthen your social support network in case of abuse or gender violence.
  • Provide skills to improve their empowerment and decision making.
  • Provide greater awareness of gender equality and its role as girls and young people in society.