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How to be a friendly company of Girls Without a Fear?

If you want, through your company, support our foundation contact us presidencia@ninassinmiedo.org.

Below you will know some of the benefits of implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility plan with Girls Without Fear, according to the partnership and the company’s development strategy:

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Benefits of being a friendly company

Divulgation of contributions, activities and achievements in the organization’s social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Permits for the use of the brand and corporate image of Girls Without Fear for the activities of promotion, social marketing, public relations and publicity, for the duration of the agreement.

Transparency social balance report, specific budget allocation and achievements during the strategic alliance.

Corporate volunteer days, as a way to contribute to the community and to donate more than money; Contributing time and talent to support the projects developed by the foundation.

Certification of donation for 100% of the amounts contributed by the company, to obtain tax benefits.

If your company does not have a social responsibility strategy, we give you advice and support in creating a model according to your guidelines and interests and thus leave a positive and lasting footprint in the country of the hand with Girls Without Fear.