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Girls Without a Fear

Girls Without a Fear is a colombian NGO that has the objective of empowering girls and adolescents by means of education and the sport of cycling to cultivate self-esteem and autonomous decision making such that they may fully exercise their rights.


By the year 2019, Girls Without a Fear will be the primary foundation empowering girls and adolescents in Soacha to prevent sexual violence and teenage pregnancy.


The importance of promoting values is part of the DNA and personality of NSM, which is reflected in the behaviors of the collaborators. Also, they allow to identify if a person can adapt successfully to the organization with its way of being and to relate with the others.

  1. Equality (feminism, intersectionality)
  2. Integrity (honesty, transparency, truth)
  3. Teamwork (leadership, commitment and proactivity)
  4. Passion (conviction)
  5. Autonomy independence through support and guidance


Studies claim that empowered girls can break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and violence.

Empowered girls foster development and strengthen economies.

According to UNESCO, 2.1 million girls under the age of five were saved between 1990 and 2009 due to improvements in their education.

Empowered girls translate in healthier families.

World leaders, economists and politicians all recognize that an adolescent is the most powerful force for change, yet less than 1% of international aid is invested in it.

Educating, empowering and giving employment to the largest youth generation of all time is vital to ending poverty and fostering shared prosperity, the two institutional goals of the World Bank Group.

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