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Our team



Natalia Espitia

Director/ founder

Natalia is a publicist of the Central University with a postgraduate degree from FLACSO, Argentina in Policies and Communication in Cultural Management. Feminist and Colombian activist, founder and current President of the NSM Foundation, she has developed methodologies of social innovation in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. She has also worked as an instructor at UNILATINA University, is a AIESEC Alumna from the Colombia Chapter EAN 2015, was the finalist for the El Espectador 2016 Leadership Award as leader of the year. She was a Lecturer of the Mobilizing Peace Forum, at the Women’s and Girl’s Bike Users Forum in Bogotá, and received a mention of honor at the RECON PEACE MOVING  2016 awards.

Sandra Giraldo

Sustainability director

Director of the Wikideas Entrepreneurship Community.

Paola Barrera

Communications Coordinator

As a professional in the area, my focus is the creation of web strategies and social networks, supporting me in research and updating, in order to be able to create content that will generate interaction for the consumer in the network.

Estafania Montes

Alliances Coordinator

Digital marketing leader, creative digital content, social media manager and planner with 7 years of experience in marketing and advertising. With a great passion for research and digital trends, which makes me very skilled and efficient in the elaboration of contents and strategies for greater effectiveness and innovation. I firmly believe that people’s lifestyle influences their work, is what inspires us day by day, and in my case culture, music, travel, cycling, fashion and research are the factors that build My routine and motivation.


Maria Fernanda de la Ossa

Program Coordinator

Philosophy student at Universidad de los Andes and participated in a university exchange in Denmark 2016. She is responsible for developing the Foundation’s education program, content and methodologies development.



Sofía Díaz Echeverry

Legal Coordinator

Student of the University of the Andes, Sixth semester of the Faculty of Law. She has taken Anthropology courses in Transformational Leadership and is a member of the Colombian Youth Network (RECOJO) and the Law and Gender Group of the University of the Andes. She has been part of the O Campaign is not Normal since 2014 and is a member of the Universidad de los Andes student group PACA (Accompaniment Pair Against Harassment).


Cindy Jhonson

Psychosocial Coordinator

Psychology student in her final year at the National Open and Distance UNAD, with experience in the management of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations and management of rehabilitation in addictions.

Alejandra Lamprera

Coordinator Bike Program

Student of Visual Arts at the District University Francisco Jose de Caldas, founder of the accessories company Vitrum, athlete and lover of the bicycle.